Alexis Chaney, NP

Nurse Practitioner located in Long Island City, Astoria, NY & Pelham Bay, Bronx, NY

About Chaney NP

Alexis Chaney is a seasoned and board-certified Nurse Practitioner whose journey has been marked by a profound commitment to patient well-being. With a wealth of experience in diverse patient-facing roles, Alexis Chaney brings a comprehensive approach to healthcare, specializing in pain management.

In her current role as a Pain Management Consultant, Alexis Chaney draws upon a comprehensive background in patient care that spans from infants to geriatrics. Her intrinsic motivation, coupled with an unwavering determination to solve complex problems, defines Alexis Chaney's approach to delivering quality care.

An adept relationship builder, Alexis Chaney excels in enabling better communication and outcomes for their patients. Her expertise extends beyond traditional medicine, with knowledge in hormone and thyroid replacement from an integrative medicine perspective

Education has played a pivotal role in shaping Alexis Chaney's capabilities, culminating in a Masters of Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of Central Missouri and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from The University of Kansas School of Nursing

Currently at Pain Management Specialists of New York, Alexis Chaney serves as a Pain Management Consultant, leveraging her extensive experience to bring relief and comfort to patients dealing with chronic and acute pain. This role is a testament to her ability to adapt and excel in various healthcare settings, evident in her prior roles evaluating pediatric patients for autism spectrum disorder, providing psychiatric care, and contributing to Family Medicine, Urgent Care, Pediatrics, and OBGYN clinical specialties.

In Alexis Chaney we have a compassionate and highly skilled practitioner at the forefront of pain management, ensuring our patients receive the personalized care they deserve. We welcome you to experience the expertise and dedication that Alexis Chaney brings to our medical practice.

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