Preparing for chronic and acute pain treatments

Ari Lerner, M.D, at Pain Management Specialists of New York, answers questions patients frequently ask about how to prepare for an appointment and procedures to treat chronic and acute pain.

How should I prepare for my first appointment?

Check the date and time of your appointment and be sure to show up on time. If this is your first appointment, bring a photo ID and your insurance card if applicable. Please bring any medical information you may have including medical reports, electro diagnostic studies such as, EMG reports, results of diagnostic tests such as x-rays, CTs and MRIs as well as the actual films if you have them. If you have been seen by a pain specialist in the past please bring a list of the procedures you’ve had done and/or, if possible, a copy of the office notes. Also, please bring a medical referral if required by your insurance company. If your case is related to an automobile accident or a worker’s compensation case please bring the insurance information and the adjustors name and contact information.

If you are not sure which medications you are taking, bring them with you.

We need to know who to thank for referring you to us, so have this information available.

There will be forms for you to fill out on arrival. However, you can save time by downloading the forms, such as personal information and questionnaires about your complaint, from this website and bringing the completed forms to your appointment.

I have been scheduled for a procedure to treat my condition. How should I prepare for the day of the procedure?

It is very important that you do not eat for at least six hours prior to the procedure. If your procedure is scheduled in the morning, do not take anything by mouth after midnight. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you can take your medication at the scheduled time before the procedure with a small sip of water. Whether to take medication for other specific conditions will be discussed with you prior to the day of the procedure.

On the day of your procedure, you will not be able to drive and you will need to bring an escort with you. We will not be able to perform the procedure if you do not have someone to take you home. If you have had any new studies done before the procedure, bring the results and/or report with you. Be sure to dress in comfortable clothes.

What if I can’t make it to the appointment or am running late?

If you can’t make the appointment for that day please call ahead and let us know. We’ll be happy to reschedule you. If you are running late for the appointment, please call the office as soon as possible.

What can I expect on the day of the procedure?

After a brief interview, you will be asked to change into a gown.

Your possessions will be placed and secured in an individual locker. Prior to the procedure, your doctor will evaluate you once again to review your medical history and, current condition for which you are being treated. Once in the procedure room, monitors will be placed to check your blood pressure and heart rate. The area to be treated will be cleaned in a sterile manner and if anesthesia is agreed upon you will then be sedated. After the procedure, you will recover in a private area until you are fully awake. After a brief exit interview and evaluation, you will be released in the care of your escort and will be given follow up instructions.

How do I contact or get directions to your medical office?

You can find contact information including directions to the office here.

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